Jonesborough Fieldtrip Experience

Students move through town and use several of the primary sources from the Jonesborough/Washington County Archives to make Jonesborough’s rich history come to life. A great experience for elementary, middle, and high school students, the program is completed in small, independent groups. Stations may include a scavenger hunt in the Old Jonesborough Cemetery, a Town Tour, a primary source activity in the Chester Inn Museum, Heritage Games, a visit to Oak Hill School, and a document/artifact analysis in the Jonesborough/Washington County History Museum. Do as much or as little as you need! The program can be adapted for different lengths of time, and activities are flexible based on grade level. The program is completely dependent on the Heritage Alliance’s volunteers. Please call several weeks in advance if you would to like to schedule one of these trips. Charge is $7.00 per student. Chaperones are free of charge. A storytelling option may be available with this trip, too, and additional fees may apply.

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