The Samuel Cole Williams Award annually recognizes individuals, as well as organizations, whose works have significantly contributed to our understanding of local history throughout the region.  Nominations may include completed projects as well as discrete portions of on-going projects. Eligible projects include publications, exhibits, lecture series, conferences, programming and teaching. Web-based projects are also eligible. Qualifying projects must have occurred within the past 18 months of nomination date.


Nomination Guidelines


  • Complete and return one original and 2 copies of the Nomination packet by August 1, 2018.

  • Nomination Packet includes

    • Nomination form

    • Nomination essay (no more than 500 words describing project and why you believe it is worthy of award)

    • Any supporting material…..Depending on project being nominated supporting material may include photographs, media, sample of materials, etc. Nominations for Publications must include at least two copies of the publication.

    • At least one independent letter from a source familiar with project who can speak to its impact.

Nomination packet available by clicking HERE.


Nominees will be notified in December of 2018. Awards will be presented in January or February of 2019 at the Heritage Alliance Annual Meeting.


(Samuel Cole Williams)