Round 2: Historic Jonesborough License Plate

The “Historic Jonesborough” License Plate Committee, the Heritage Alliance (HA), and the Jonesborough Genealogical Society (JGS) have selected the “Historic Jonesborough” specialty license plate based on your valuable feedback. The selected plate is the Chester Inn. So we are now ready for Round 2 of the Preference and Comment period.

Some factors considered in the decision include: The Chester Inn is the oldest commercial structure in the oldest town in Tennessee. The Chester Inn is original to around the time the town was founded and has been fully restored. The Chester Inn is unique to Jonesborough. Every county has a Courthouse, but there is only one Chester Inn. The Courthouse and Cupola are indeed beautiful and iconic and our Courthouse may be the best looking in Tennessee. However, our current Courthouse was built in 1913. Thus, the Chester Inn which was built in 1797 is 124 years older than the Courthouse. The plate also received the most support from among those who commented or stated a preference on Facebook, Instagram, via email, and in person.


We need your feedback for Round 2. We made some changes to the Chester Inn design based on your comments. Some who commented loved the blue used with the Courthouse plate, so we created a blue sky version of the Chester Inn. Some who commented loved the subdued green version as it currently appears. It would look great on the back of a vehicle. The third choice adds more color, while keeping the understated appeal. All three versions now have the original upper porch rail that was recently added back to the Chester Inn. Please share your preference(s) and comment.