Webinar: Tackling Collections Backlog for Small Museums

The Heritage Alliance is hosting an American Alliance of Museums (AAM) webinar on Wednesday, December 9, 1:30—4:30 p.m. The free webinar, titled “Tackling Collections Backlogs for Small Museums,” is a wonderful professional development and networking opportunity for colleagues at local and regional museums, archives, libraries, and cultural institutions. It is especially geared to staff and volunteers working in collections-related positions in small museums.

The webinar will share ways to approach a collections backlog, prioritize tasks, and implement practical solutions; presenters will also discuss how tackling a collections backlog fits within an overall collections management strategy. Time for pre-webcast networking and post-webcast discussion will also be included. The event will take place at the McKinney Center at Booker T. Washington School (103 Franklin Ave in Jonesborough).

This event is free, but attendees must RSVP through the AAM website to attend (you can reach the relevant page through our website). http://www.aam-us.org/resources/online-programs/tackling-collections-backlogs-for-small-museums