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The Heritage Alliance has produced a wide range of educational videos and video series. Found on the Chester Inn Museum’s YouTube channel, these videos can be used as stand-alone instructional materials, supplemental resources for course curriculums, and as part of our virtual programs.

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How was life in the late 1800s? How might people have spent their time in a prolonged quarantine in the 19th century? Have holiday celebrations changed over the past century? Find out the answer to these questions and more with our silent-era themed video series, “With the Victorians!” Season 1 looks at social distancing, and season 2 looks at life in the late 19th century.

These short, silent-era style films use primary and secondary sources to cover a wide range of historic topics. Most of the videos in this playlist are between two and seven minutes, and parents and teachers can use these videos to enhance and supplement their own course material!

Season 2: With the Victorians

Season 1: Victorian Social Distancing