Jonesborough History Experience

The Jonesborough History Experience is perfect for elementary, middle, and high school students. The program is completed in small, independent groups. Information on possible activities is included below. Do as much or as little as you want/need! The program can be adapted for different lengths of time, and activities are flexible based on grade level. The program is completely dependent on the Heritage Alliance’s volunteers. Please call several weeks in advance if you would to like to schedule one of these trips. Charge is $7.00 per student. Chaperones are free of charge.


Town Tour

Your guide will lead you around Main Street and share the history of the town, the buildings, and the people who built them. Archival photos are used to show the town through time. The guides work to make the tour as interactive as possible.


Chester Inn Museum

Students will take a tour of the oldest commercial building in Tennessee’s oldest town. Activities can include a scavenger hunt, a primary source activity on the cholera epidemic of 1873 for older students, and a tour of the Christopher Taylor House.


Old Jonesborough Cemetery Tour

Your guide will lead you around the historic cemetery and discuss burial customs of the 1800s. Students will have a chance to examine the headstones and learn the stories of the people buried in the cemetery. The cemetery includes Rocky Hill, the traditionally white burial ground, and College Hill, the traditionally African American burial ground. The cemetery is a primary source in its own right and it provides an opportunity to talk about difficult history like slavery and segregation.


History Detective at the Jonesborough/Washington County History Museum

Students become history detectives, investigating the origin, use, and significance of objects from the past! This program allows students to interact with artifacts, complete guided worksheets, and participate in thought-provoking discussion and analysis.

For more information on our History Detective Kit program that can travel off site, click HERE.


Oak Hill School

See Oak Hill School page for information on the Oak Hill School Heritage Education Program.



With enough advance notice, the Heritage Alliance can contact a Storyteller to come and share a variety of stories with your students. An additional fee of $1.00 per student will be added to the total cost of the trip.


Chuckey Depot Museum

Visit the Chuckey Depot Museum and learn about the railroad in East Tennessee. The depot was moved from the town of Chuckey and relocated in Jonesborough to serve as a museum for the railroad and Chuckey. A restored caboose is also on site and available for tours. Various, educational activities are available at the museum.