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In collaboration with the Langston Centre and the Heritage Alliance of Southwest Virginia & Northeast Tennessee, the McKinney Center at Booker T. Washington School has worked to provide a Racial/Social Justice Resource Sheet & Survey. The resource sheet will serve as a place to begin research on or find resources for Black culture and history online and in our region. This resource sheet will be available on the Heritage Alliance website. As part of ongoing efforts, these three groups also hope to collect information from area organizations to continue to gather additional resources, encourage attention to marginalized groups, and to assess what our community needs on this topic and what our local institutions are doing and what they’re not doing. The goal is to get a clearer understanding of how we can better serve our communities.

In order to benefit the community, these three organizations, with the support of the Town of Jonesborough, feel the need to undertake earnest and sincere work during this time to ensure that anyone seeking to learn more will have a place to start. Adam Dickson plays an important role in moving this project forward as Langston Centre’s supervisor and as Jonesborough’s Vice Mayor. His guidance and input has been invaluable for this project. Northeast Tennessee is largely homogenous, but it is no secret that there is diversity in our history, including the Indigenous Peoples who were here before the arrival of Euro-American settlers. As we provide more ways to learn about all parts of our history and ongoing social justice initiatives, this task force hopes the work sends a message that there are institutions in the region that see and hear all parts of our communities.

Within this resource sheet you will find regional initiatives, resources for parents, resources for educators, resources for Black artists, and resources for cultural and historic sites. As historical and cultural professionals, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, parents, educators, artists, and concerned citizens, it is imperative that we use the skills and resources at our disposal to contribute to efforts aimed at racial and social justice.

Surveys will be distributed to historic sites, organizations, museums, non-profits, and other community groups throughout Washington County as a way to access what kind of information and services our county is providing as a whole. This page is meant to provide the public with information that may be educational and useful.