Readers’ Theatre to Highlight Local Struggles During WWI

A woman searching for her missing son who returned from war but never came home. A man who was reported to the authorities by his neighbors because he refused to purchase war bonds. A soldier who was sick and tired of being stuck in the mud, and another who wouldn’t change places with the president of the hometown bank. A community hard hit by the deadly Spanish Influenza Pandemic. Come hear these stories and more at a performance hosted by the Heritage Alliance on Sunday, April 8 at 3:00 p.m. inside the Jonesborough/Washington County History Museum.

This Readers’ Theatre piece will share firsthand accounts of the lives of Washington County citizens during World War One. “While doing the research for this piece, I was struck by the similarities between now and then, even though a century has passed,” shares Special Projects Coordinator Anne Mason. “It was a time of suspicion in America, where neighbors spied on one another and turned each other in for un-American activities. World War One was a devastating war overseas, and its chaos was definitely felt across the Atlantic.” Join the Heritage Alliance on April 8, and hear the struggles from overseas and on the home front as century old newspaper headlines come to life. The Jonesborough/Washington County History Museum is located inside the Jonesborough Visitor’s Center on Boone Street.