Tickets On Sale for With These Hands

The Heritage Alliance and The McKinney Center at Booker T. Washington School are joining together to produce the original, history based play, With These Hands. This full length “dramadey” will be a joint fundraiser for the Heritage Alliance and the McKinney Center. For the low cost of $20.00 per ticket, you will be supporting the educational programs of both organizations. To purchase tickets, please call the Jonesborough Visitor’s Center at 423.753.1010. Tickets can also be purchased online at


This production, written by G’Fellers-Mason and directed by Jules Corriere, highlights significant moments in the history of Jonesborough and Washington County. It also features some of Jonesborough’s best-known residents, including town historians Paul Fink and Miriam Fink-Dulaney, Angelina Mason and Charlotte Dilworth, and many others, some whose legacy is found in street names and buildings, and others, in the work they built with their own hands that still stand today- the railroad, the courthouse, the steps leading to the Old Mill Spring.


These are the stories of real people and real families through history, meeting at crisis points, and finding ways past them. “Their struggles in the past inform us of how we can move forward when we face these same kinds of obstacles. History is cyclical, but we can learn from it.  Anne’s play is very timely. There are lessons inside. The Masons and the Dillworths bridged gaps over great divides, it was difficult, but they found a way, and we can aspire to their example,”  says Corriere.


The play may hold answers, but it asks even more questions- something that a good work of art always does. Can two families keep their friendship intact even though they find themselves on opposing sides of the Civil War? Can a former Southern Belle allow herself to accept help from a Freedman after emancipation? And the burning question- What is historic spit and what does it have to do with the Washington County Courthouse? These scenes and more will be brought to life on stage for one weekend only, in a multi-media production which will infuse historic archival photos, connecting the past to the present.