Volunteer Spotlight: Daniel Nelson

The Heritage Alliance could not do half of the programs we do without our wonderful volunteers! This volunteer spotlight is on Daniel Nelson. Daniel has been volunteering this spring in our archives scanning photographs. Daniel began as a computer engineering student at Northeast State, and is now a second semester junior at ETSU where he changed his major to IT with a computing concentration. We want to thank Daniel for all of his hard work!



Q: How did you find out about volunteer opportunities with the Heritage Alliance?

A: I saw the Heritage Alliance on a list of service organizations. I chose to volunteer here because of your work on history and preservation, and because you seemed to have an impact on the community.


Q: What do you plan to do with your IT degree, and how will your volunteer work help with that?

A: I am interested in enlisting in the Air Force with a plan to focus on cyber security. This position has been helpful because I have been able to learn the Past Perfect system, see how small organizations function and how volunteers help, and this is my first time using this type of scanner.


Q: You’ve scanned hundreds of photographs. Do you have a favorite?

A: I really enjoyed the Civic Trust photograph collection that showed recent events and town celebrations. I also enjoyed any pictures that captured what daily life was like in the 80s and 90s around and before when I was born. My favorite photograph that I have scanned is the Ostrich Farm in Jacksonville [around 1900]. It was interesting to see how ostriches were used and how people handled them.


Q: Do you have anything that you want to add?

A: I hope to see these photographs online, and possibly made more accessible to the public in the future. I have enjoyed my time working with the Heritage Alliance staff.