Guerrilla Warfare in Appalachia: Bushwhackers, Bandits, and Whacking People with a Stick

History Happy Hour is online again in September! This month’s presentation will feature a pre-recorded talk followed up by a Q and A with the speaker.

Meeting ID: 825 0910 2750
Password: History

Join speaker Gary Purchase for his presentation “Guerrilla Warfare in Appalachia: Bushwhackers, Bandits, and Whacking People with a Stick.” Mr. Purchase is a Park Ranger at the David Crockett Birthplace State Park. Gary will be discussing the role that guerrilla warfare has played in the region during different conflicts throughout U.S. history. Which conflicts did Appalachians participate in with guerrilla tactics? Join us online on Thursday September 17th at 6:30 pm and find out!

The program will be offered through the Zoom platform and will also be streamed live on the Chester Inn’s Facebook page. Go to the Chester Inn Facebook page for the link to the meeting room and for the password to login. The program will begin online at 6:30 pm and participants can join the Zoom meeting or stream live on Facebook at that time. Participants who use Zoom are encouraged to keep their microphones muted and relay any questions during the presentation to the chat. The program is free and open to the public!

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