Job Description: Executive Director

The Executive Director is appointed by the Board of Trustees of the Heritage Alliance and serves at their pleasure. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Trustees through the Executive Committee when the Board is not available and has overall responsibility for the general management and administration of the Association. Qualifications include a minimum of a Master’s degree from an accredited institution or equivalent proven experience. The advanced degree should be in museum studies or a related field. The Executive Director should have good people skills, successful experience in grant writing and fundraising, and at least three years of experience in nonprofit leadership, the historic museum field, and historic preservation. These duties may change from time to time with the priorities of the organization. Due to the nature of this position, the Executive Director is a Flextime position, allowing for hours to be adjusted as necessary in a regular 40 hour week. The Executive Director’s general and specific duties include but are not limited to the following:


  1. Overall responsibility for the organization’s management and protection, including oversight of Collections, Operations, and three properties owned by the organization (The Duncan House, which serves as the offices for the organization, the adjacent Oak Hill School, and the Architectural Salvage Warehouse).


  1. Coordination with the Board of Trustees and their committees and liaison between the Board and all staff, as well as coordination with the State of Tennessee Historical Commission on the cooperative management of The Chester Inn State Historic Site.


  1. Along with the Board of Trustees, lead responsibility for fundraising and long range planning.


  1. Lead responsibility for the creation of goals, objectives, and overall direction for the Chester Inn Museum.


  1. Plans, directs and supervises the general interpretive programs of the Chester Inn Museum, including hiring of staff and scheduling. Insures quality program delivery by interpretive staff and employee evaluation.


  1. General oversight of the museum’s operations including financial management, planning, reporting, forecasting and management of all funds in a professional manner in concert with nonprofit guidelines of the IRS and accountants.


  1. Lead educational programs, as well as all programmatic elements of special events and overall administration of all special events and programs.


  1. Continued professional management of the organization’s museums in terms of collections, care, and exhibitions.


  1. Lead responsibility for marketing and public relations.


  1. Develops new programs and events whenever possible and in coordination with other staff has responsibility for the conceptualization, design and implementation of public programs.


  1. Other duties may be delegated by the Board of Trustees.


Salary – Commensurate with experience, starting at $39,000/year.

To Apply – Send Resume/CV and two (2) references to Board Pres. Fred Counts: