Change in Leadership at the Heritage Alliance

Regrettably, the Board of Trustees announces that Dr. Megan Cullen Tewell will be leaving her role as Executive Director of the Heritage Alliance effective March 29, 2024. Dr. Tewell has received an exciting new opportunity at another institution, allowing her to spend more time with her family. Although we are saddened by this loss, we wish her the best with this new chapter, and part on good terms.

Dr. Tewell previously worked as Programming Coordinator at the Heritage Alliance from October 2019 to March 2023, and has served as Executive Director since January 2024, following Mrs. Anne G’Fellers-Mason. She will continue with the Heritage Alliance in a limited capacity through April 2024, as the organization searches for a new Executive Director. That search will begin in April 2024; we are confident that we will recruit the right candidate to lead our organization into the future.

The Heritage Alliance would also like to announce that Mr. Gordon Edwards has been appointed President of the Board of Trustees, effective March 2024, replacing Mr. Fred Counts, who remains a board member in good standing. Mr. Edwards has served on the Board, and as President, prior. He has been recognized for his continued commitment to the organization since 2011, and the Heritage Alliance welcomes his experience and leadership. Mr. Edwards will serveas the new point of contact for Heritage Alliance partners and stakeholders, as well as the public, until a new Executive Director has been selected.

Although this is a time of change, the Heritage Alliance remains strong and viable, offering important services and resources to the community. Our organization will continue operations as usual; as ever, we are committed to our mission and to our partnerships. We welcome questions and are glad to provide additional information upon request. Exciting things are truly ahead!

Gordon M. Edwards, President
The Heritage Alliance Board of Trustee