History Happy Hour Talks Historic Buildings with Dr. Kennedy on July 21st

History Happy Hour is exited to feature a program with Dr. William Kennedy on Thursday, July 21st.


Dr. Kennedy has been instrumental in the Jonesborough historic preservation movement since the 1970s, and he was one of the founders of the Historic Jonesborough Foundation which went on to form the Heritage Alliance.


His session on July 21st is entitled “Jonesborough’s 19th Century Brick Buildings: Handmade Beauties.” He will show how skilled artisans mixed locally available raw materials to form the beautiful brick buildings that we continue to enjoy. He will also show the art of design in the patterns of walls and specialized structures of buildings. He’ll show you beautiful, close-up details you probably have never noticed and tell you the meanings of those details.



The program will begin at 6:30 pm in the Chester Inn Museum’s board room, and participants can join in-person or stream live on the Chester Inn Museum’s Facebook page. The program is free and open to the public!


History Happy Hour takes place on the third Thursday of the month through November at 6:30 pm. The full schedule for the year is available at heritageall.org and on the Chester Inn Museum’s Facebook page.  This program offers insightful history to the public, fosters a collaborative relationship with various individuals and organizations, and increases the role of the Chester Inn State Historic Site and Museum as a community meeting place.


This project is funded under an agreement with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Tennessee Historical Commission.